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Health Systems Management and Policy Pathway: Library Resources

Library resources for students in the Health Systems Management and Policy Pathway


This page contains recommended library resources for researchers in the Health Systems Management and Policy Pathway. 

Recommended Databases

You may want to search a variety of databases to find different perspectives on your research project. These are a few places to get started.

In most of these databases, you can use the Get It From MCW Libraries button to connect to the full text of the article or to request a copy of an article through Library on Request.  Get It From MCW Libraries

Citation Manager

Citation managers are used to help you keep track of sources as you search for literature. You can collect source information from many different databases and websites, organize the sources into folders, and create bibliographies.

Instructional Videos


Use BrowZine to discover journals in the field of health care services - including policy and administration. You can add a journals to your personal bookshelf, sign in to your account and click ADD TO MY BOOKSHELF. Learn more about BrowZine.

Websites for Organizations & Agencies

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* Recommended journals and organizations taken from the Core Health Policy Library Recommendations list on the NLM website.

MeSH Terns

Controlled vocabulary terms used by PubMed and Ovid/MEDLINE. Use these terms in combination with others to create a thorough search. Learn more about MeSH in this short video

  • Health Information Systems: A system for the collection and/or processing of data from various sources, and using the information for policy making and management of health services. It could be paper-based or electronic.  Link to MeSH description.  
  • Health Planning:  Planning for needed health and/or welfare services and facilities. Link to MeSH description.
  • Health Policy: Decisions, usually developed by government policymakers, for determining present and future objectives pertaining to the health care system. Link to MeSH description.
  • Health Status Disparities: Variation in rates of disease occurrence and disabilities between population groups defined by socioeconomic characteristics such as age, ethnicity, economic resources, or gender and populations identified geographically or similar measures. Link to MeSH description.
  • Healthcare Disparities: Differences in access to or availability of medical facilities and services. Link to MeSH description​
  • Medicare: Federal program, created by Public Law 89-97, Title XVIII-Health Insurance for the Aged, a 1965 amendment to the Social Security Act, that provides health insurance benefits to persons over the age of 65 and others eligible for Social Security benefits. It consists of two separate but coordinated programs: hospital insurance (MEDICARE PART A) and supplementary medical insurance (MEDICARE PART B). Link to MeSH description.
  • Salaries and Fringe Benefits: The remuneration paid or benefits granted to an employee. Link toMeSH description.
  • Economics [Subheading]: Used for the economic aspects of any subject, as well as for all aspects of financial management. It includes the raising or providing of funds.  Use this subheading in conjunction with other terms to find articles that concern this aspect. Link to MeSH description.
  • Organization and administration [Subheading]: Used for administrative structure and management. Use this subheading in conjunction with other terms to find articles that concern this aspect. Link to MeSH description.|
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research: Access specialized search strategies to help inform investigations of comparative effectiveness. 


Click the link to find books in the MCW Libraries' collection published within the past  5 years. 

Many of the books are available online. Click the View Online button to start reading! 
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