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Health Literacy: Universal precautions

Resources for understanding health literacy best practices.

Health Literacy Universal Precautions

Experts recommend you should assume that everyone may have difficulty understanding health information and recommend creating an environment where all patients can thrive. Universal precautions should be taken to address health literacy because providers can't always know which patients are challenged by health care information or tasks at any given time. By adopting a universal precautions approach, health care providers communicate with all patients in clear and actionable ways.

Health literacy universal precautions are aimed at:

  • Making the health care system easier to navigate
  • Simplifying communication with and confirming comprehension for all patients, so that the risk of miscommunication is minimized
  • Standardized Standardizing the approach to communicating clearly about vaccines with every patient and family.



Health literacy universal precautions are the steps that health care professionals take when they assume that all patients may have difficulty comprehending health information and accessing health services.

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