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Please Note: Froedtert Health has implemented a new security protocol which has resulted in the degradation of on-campus access to MCW Libraries' electronic resources. Users on the Froedtert network must sign in via OpenAthens when attempting to access electronic library resources (including UpToDate, VisualDx, etc.). MCW Libraries is aware of this change and is working to provide a permanent access solution. If you have MCW credentials, please sign in via MCW employees and students when prompted. If you are a Froedtert employee, click here to register for an OpenAthens account or view more information.

Read by QxMD: Home

Read by QxMD can be used to curate a collection of full-text articles from journals.

What is Read by QxMD?

Read by QxMD provides a single place to keep up with new medical and scientific research.  Curate your feed by filtering for your profession/specialty/location and favorite journals.  You can also save collections of articles important to you and share them with others.

What abilities does Read by QxMD provide?

  • Access to full text papers
  • Create a personalized medical journal
  • Share citations easily via social media and email
  • Annotate papers and organize them in collections.

How do I get Read by QxMD for my phone or tablet?

  1. Download Read by QxMD at or search for "QxMD" in the app store. 
  2. Complete your personalization options such as your professional status, specialties, and interests.
  3. Create a QxMD login.
  4. Set up your library credentials so that you can access the library's collection even off-campus
    1. Within the app, use the gear icon to access your account settings. 
    2. Under Institutional Access, select Add Institution.
    3. Search for Medical College of Wisconsin and tap it when you find it in the list.
    4. Select the proper login option. 
  • MCW users who connect to the library using the same login and password as their MCW e-mail account should select "Automatic Login Using MCW." 
  • CHW, FH and other users who connect to the library using a library ID/barcode and password (right side of the proxy server login page) should select "Automatic Login Using Barcode or Proxy ID."

Is there a web version?

There is a web version of Read by QxMD at

The web version does not have the same options such as annotating articles that the mobile app does. 

Users who are sent links to citations from Read by QxMD users can use the web version without needing an account. 

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