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PubMed® Online Training

Learn more about the new PubMed on the National Library of Medicine's (NLM) training site

  • Quick Tours: short videos on topics like finding an article by author or journal.
  • Tutorials: interactive, self-paced training
  • Tips for Using NLM’s PubMed (PDF)

Getting More Out of PubMed

Learn our top 5 tips for getting more out of your PubMed searches.

Create a My NCBI account

Get more out of PubMed by registering for a My NCBI account.

Use your My NCBI account to save searches, create search alerts, edit your NCBI Bibliography and customize your PubMed search experience.

To signup for a NCBI account, go to and click "Log in” in the top, right corner of the screen. There are many options for logging in. 

RECOMMENDED: Sign in to your My NCBI account to your MCW account by clicking "more login options" and finding Medical College of Wisconsin in the list.





       Login with your MCW credentials.

Saved Searches & Search Alerts

Save your searches or create an alert for any search you enter into PubMed. 

After running a search in PubMed, a "Create alert" link will show up under the search box. 

Create Alerts

Click this link to save the search, and use the form to tell PubMed how often you would like to receive email alerts. 
Note: You need to be signed into a My NCBI account to use this feature. 

Learn more about saving and managing your searches in PubMed. 

Link to MCW Libraries Journal Subscriptions

Turn on the Get It From MCW Libraries buttons 

The Get It From MCW Libraries buttons link you to MCW Libraries journal subscriptions, or they make it easy to request an item through our Library on Request service. Get It From MCW Libraries These buttons appear in the abstract view of each individual citation. 

To turn these buttons on, log in to your My NCBI account and click My NCBI in the top-right corner of the screen. 

Select NCBI Site Preferences, scroll down to Outside Tool, and find Medical College of Wisconsin Libraries in the list. Click save.

Author Searching in PubMed

Use the following steps to perform an Author search in PubMed to find articles by a specific person. Start out in the Advanced Search area. 

  1. Change the field to “Author”
  2. Start typing the last name
  3. Choose a name variation and “add” to the search box
  4. If needed, add another name variation
  5. “Add with OR”
  6. Search

PubMed has additional information on their website. 

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