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Literature Searching: Filters

Learn more about how to use library resources to search for clinical information.

Limit to humans

Ovid Medline

FinalResult NOT (Animals/ NOT (Animals/ AND Humans/))

FinalResult NOT (exp animals/ not


FinalResult NOT ("Animals"[Mesh] NOT ("Animals"[Mesh] AND "Humans"[Mesh]))

Remove Duplicates in Ovid Medline

Remove duplicates from #     (# = set number)

(Note that sets larger than 6000 cannot be de-duped.)

Mimics search

Ovid Medline

unusual presentation*.mp. or novel presentation*.mp. or mimic*.mp. or masquerad*.mp. or resembl*.mp. or or simulat* or misdiagnos*.mp. or or or chameleon*.mp. or diagnostic error*.mp. or exp diagnostic errors/ or differential or exp diagnosis, differential/ or mislead*.mp. or or uncommon presentation*.mp.


"unusual presentation*" OR "novel presentation*" OR mimic* OR masquerad* OR resembl* OR simulant OR simulat* OR misdiagnos* OR like OR mistaken OR chameleon* OR "diagnostic error*" OR diagnostic errors[mesh] OR "differential diagnosis" OR diagnosis, differential[mesh] OR mislead* OR rare OR "uncommon presentation*"


Improved CCG child filter for PubMed (

Infan* OR newborn* OR new-born* OR perinat* OR neonat* OR baby OR baby* OR babies OR toddler* OR minors OR minors* OR boy OR boys OR boyfriend OR boyhood OR girl* OR kid OR kids OR child OR child* OR children* OR schoolchild* OR schoolchild OR school child[tiab] OR school child*[tiab] OR adolescen* OR juvenil* OR youth* OR teen* OR under*age* OR pubescen* OR pediatrics[mh] OR pediatric* OR paediatric* OR peadiatric* OR school [tiab] OR school*[tiab] OR prematur* OR preterm*



PubMed Special Queries/Subsets

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