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Unique Author Identifiers

How do I find my ResearcherID?

In Web of Science, select Author Search to get to the author search page. 

Enter your first and last name. If your name is common, you may be asked to enter in more inforamtion.

Find yourself on the resulting list.  Be sure to thoroughly examine the results to see whether your publications are split between multiple authors on the list.  If that's the case, you'll want to merge the corresponding ResearcherIDs.

In Publons, browse for your name. If your name appears in the list, select it and your ResearcherID will appear in the top-right corner of your profile.

If you do not how up in the Publons search results, you can register for a profile.

What is ResearcherID?

A ResearcherID is a unique identifier that connects an author to their work in the Clarivate ecosystem, which includes Web of Science and Publons. A ResearcherID is minted for every author with at least one publication indexed in the Web of Science. Researchers can also claim a ResearcherID in Publons to showcase their work. 

What kind of information is shared on my ResearcherID profile?

In Web of Science, your author profile displays any of your publications that are indexed in the database, as well as citation metrics that are associated with your research.

Learn more about Author Records and the author search in Web of Science.

In Publons, your profile is the public facing element of your Publons account where other members can see the publications, verified peer reviews, verified editorial board memberships, and editor records that make up your verified record of contributions to research.

Learn more about what can be included on your Publons profile.


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