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MCWAH: Off-Campus Access

Library resources and services for MCWAH residents.

How do I connect to resources from off-campus?

While using an MCW, Froedtert Staff or CW Staff network to access the internet, connecting to MCW Libraries subscription resources like databases and journals is seamless. The resources recognize that you are on MCW computer's network and grants you access to the sites. 

There are a few ways to get access to our resources from when you are not on an MCW, Froedtert Staff or CW Staff network. ‚Äč

Via the MCW Libraries' Website

If you are not on a campus network and you click a link to a subscription resource on the MCW Libraries' website, you may be asked to login to the MCW Libraries' Proxy Server. This ensures that only those who are affiliated with MCW, Children's Wisconsin or Froedtert can get access to the resources that we subscribe to.

Logging in is easy! Enter you MCW email credentials into the MCW users section on the Proxy Server login page. Other authorized users (Froedtert and CW staff and adjunct faculty) can login with their Library Barcode or Proxy ID.

Proxy Login

Via the Proxy Server Bookmarklet

Your research may not always begin at the MCW Libraries' website. You may find articles through a Google search or a link on a website, and chances are there may be a fee to view an article. If the MCW Libraries has a subscription to the resource, you can use the Proxy Server Bookmarklet to get access to the full text. More information about how this works is in the video below.

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